Vocational Education

Since its foundation the Goldschniedeschule mit Uhrmacherschule Pforzheim has developed continuously into a centre for professions in the fields of jewellery and watches. Due to our high quality standards in equipment and staff we can prepare our students excellently for their vocational qualifications in our full time colleges. Vocational schools cooperate with employers.

Colleges (full time)

Qualifications : Goldsmith, Silversmith, State certified Designer

Courses always cover skills from similar professions eg silversmithing, setting of stones, engraving, enamelling or designing watches.

For more information go to the particular college.

Vocational School (part time)

For all those who do a training with an employer in a company (apprenticeship according to German regulations) eg goldsmith, engraver, setter, galvaniser/electroplater. Registration will be done by the employer.